Anna had once again sneaked out of the school to meet Elsa, this time in broad daylight. It was risky, but Elsa’s sense of adventure was contagious. If she asked Anna to wait for her at their usual spot by the river instead of going to one o’clock mass, that’s what she…

Love it!!! >/////< Can’t wait to make a fanart (until I have time…OTL).


elsannavelover asked:

Queen elsa, do you ever consider to go to another country with anna? Like one that is Spanish speaker or something like that, that will be so cute!, just imagine anna trying to talk Spanish :3

wantstobuildasnowman answered:

Anna and I have traveled to other countries together, Spain being one of them. Anna doesn’t know a single phrase of Spanish, and somehow got herself involved with some roguish thugs. Lucky for her, I arrived.



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